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Hey there! 95% of this website is just boilerplate nonsense, except for this section. Please pay attention!

This template DOES NOT include...

  1. ❌ A CMS like WordPress (technically you can publish pages, but it's not a CMS. It DOES NOT replace your WordPress blog.)
  2. ❌ A database (though you can totally add one on yourself)
  3. ❌ A payment system (Stripe, etc)
  4. ❌ Customer Support!

...but this template...

  1. ✅️ is 100% free
  2. ✅️ is 100% Customizable
  3. ✅️ has lots of color themes
  4. ✅️ has Google Fonts support
  5. ✅️ is SEO-friendly everything
  6. ✅️ has Google Analytics support
  7. ✅️ could have a custom domain name
  8. ✅️ has Zapier support (collect emails??)
  9. ✅️ has a Mini-course with detailed setup + customization guide
  10. ✅️ can be HOSTED FOR FREE (Cloudflare Pages, Vercel, or Netlify)

Portfolio for your freelance stuff? Small business website? Simple landing page w/ an email signup? All great use cases!

Tech stack:

  1. 🪚 Svelte
  2. 🪚 SvelteKit
  3. 🪚 Tailwind CSS
  4. 🪚 DaisyUI

"Do I need to know code???"

Technically, no. You can literally duplicate this template, change some of the content, and you're good to go. But you will be dealing with HTML! (and if you want to go deeper, Javascript + Svelte).

HOWEVER. You will be dealing with code! This could be a fun side project if you've ever wanted to dabble in code! You'll learn a TON in the free course.

Show off some projects here?



If a dog chews shoes whose shoes does he choose?



Because who doesn't like racooons???



I'm also awwwwwwwww!!

Oh look, a headline.

Ok, fine. I'll use this space for something useful. Let's utlize this space to tell you what this FREE template includes:

  1. ✅️ This entire website as a template
  2. ✅️ SEO-friendly
  3. ✅️ Google Analytics support
  4. ✅️ Google Fonts support
  5. ✅️ Lots of color themes
  6. ✅️ 100% Customizable
  7. ✅️ Mini-course with detailed setup + customization guide
  8. ✅️ Free hosting (Cloudflare Pages, Vercel, or Netlify)
  9. ✅️ 100% free

Hi, I'm a bio section 👋️

My name is Pete, and hot damn I'm awesome. You should hire me. Pay me money for things.

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